The Craft of Mixology

Making & Mastering A Fine Cocktail




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About The Experience

Discover the world of cocktails and spirits and learn how to balance your own cocktail concoction under the guidance of expert mixologists.

The experience will include a quick introduction to different spirits, cocktail making techniques, bar equipment, interesting garnishing tips along with various stories and myths around cocktails and spirits.

Here's what you'll do:

  • Start off the experience with a round of introductions and ice-breakers.

  • Next, we get straight to the point - the thoroughly enjoyable cocktail making part of it.

  • You make three cocktails one after the other under the guidance of expert mixologists.

  • For each round of cocktail making, the artists introduce you to the base spirit, a little bit of the story around the drink and help you with tips and tricks to add that extra zing to your drinks.

  • An open round of questions, discussions and conversation follows, with everyone in high spirits!

Cost: ₹3,000 for 1 participant

Location: Mansionz, Bangalore

Conducted By: Rohan Carvalho & Ranson Carvalho

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What You'll Get
  • A fun and immersive cocktail making experience using the finest ingredients, and under the guidance of expert mixologists.
  • Helpful tips and tricks to elevate your cocktail making skills.
  • An exclusive cocktail recipe e-booklet as a keepsake from the experience.
  • Fun bar stories, laughter and conversations around all things cocktails.
Registration Details


  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes the cost of all the ingredients you need to create your own cocktails, including bar nibbles.
  • The experience will be conducted by the passionate mixologists, Rohan Carvalho and Ranson Carvalho.
  • Registrations close one day prior to the date of the experience.


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About The Host


Brothers and partners at the Bar Square Academy of Bartending, Rohan Carvalho and Ranson Carvalho have a collective experience of over 20 years in the industry. The highly accomplished duo bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the table as mixologists. Through their craft, the two have individually and together, mentored several up and coming beverage professional, been on the jury panel of bartending competitions, been on the R&D teams of top F&B chains, won several awards and ranked among the top 40 bartending blogs on the web, to name a few of their stellar accomplishments.

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