Gift the Joy of Exploring and Creating

When it comes to gifting, it's the thought that counts. At Trove, we believe that interesting experiences become lifelong memories, capable of enriching your life in far more ways than you can imagine. 

With Trove, give meaningful gifts to the people in your life. Inspire them to wander into wonder with a thoroughly immersive experience with master artists close to home, or online.

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All of us thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for hosting such a unique session and making the entire process so smooth.

Aditic C.

The session was really really good, truly a wonderful experience. We had a great time being a part of it. I feel you have something very special in terms of what you’re doing with Trove. I was a little skeptical about the digital bit of it but very nicely executed.

Dhruv B.

Thanks for the such an awesome session! Loved the entire experience! The team is really happy and they all have a great feedbacks. Thanks for arranging this! :)

Dhrishti G.


As our cities swell, we tend to do fewer and repetitive things for recreation. With Trove, you get to break the monotony and explore fresh activities in your city, meet like-minded souls, and develop a deeper appreciation for the finer things.

Most of us likely resonate with terms like 'workshops' or 'events.’ What makes these an 'experience' is the energies we put into scouring the right artists, creators and storytellers to ensure that each Trove Experience leaves you enriched with meaningful moments to collect for your very own treasure trove.