Wander into Wonder

Welcome to
Trove Experiences!

You have often heard - 'collect moments, not things' - these moments, rather than possessions, are considered to be the true treasures of life. At Trove, we're imagining and curating new entertainment and travel experiences that are fresh, unique and enriching.

We're proud to collaborate with incredibly passionate artists and storytellers to present experiences like perfume-making, mixology, farm-to-fork, equestrian adventures, stargazing, horology, wildlife art, sailing, and many more.

We hope you savour and cherish every moment.

Our Philosophy


We love imagining and curating unique experiences


We savour hands-on experiences that nourish our curiosity


We cherish meaningful connections with like-minded individuals


We treasure heartfelt stories and endless possibilities

What we Do

We scour the country for people who’ve taken what they love, and transformed them into sources of joy for others. Our mission is to design imaginative experiences with these people, so that you’re always inspired to wander into wonder.

From hand-picking collaborators to planning every experience down to the T, we make sure you carry home a trove full of delight, every single time.