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Treasures From The Estates
Coffee Brewing & Tasting

Delve into the world of premium Indian Estate Coffees, and learn the nuances of brewing and tasting single-origin brews, including a cold one.

Oasis Of Scents
Artisanal Perfume Making

Delve into the fascinating world of scent and perfumery and follow your nose through a library of fragrances to formulate your own unique perfume.

The Craft of Mixology
Making & Mastering A Fine Cocktail

Discover the world of cocktails and spirits and learn how to make and balance your own cocktail concoction like a professional.

The Great Indian Gin Trail
Tasting & Decoding The Hottest Gins Of India

The Indian Gin scene has exploded, and we're here for it. This experience takes you on a discovery and appreciation journey of 10 of India's hottest craft gins.

The Backyard Project
A Kitchen Gardening Experience

Down to earth! Become an urban farmer, and turn even the smallest of open spaces in your homes into a sustainable ecosystem.

Wings Of Our Neighbourhood
Birding & Sculpture Making

Grow an appreciation for India's varied avifauna under the guidance of a wildlife artist, and channel your inner artist to make a paper sculpture of a unique local bird.

Soirée With The Classics
Wine & Cheese Tasting

Go on a virtual tasting trail with an ardent Wine Geek, and a selection of exquisite wines and cheeses.

Mysteries Of The Mind
Secrets Of Magic & Mentalism

Be enthralled by the art, method and madness behind mentalism and magic.

Bombay Sail Dash
A Guide To Working A Sailboat

Participate in this open-to-all crash course in sailing and enjoy an adventurous ride on the tide.

Journey Through The Malts
A Global Whiskey Tasting Trail

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Wonders Of Horology
The Art Of Fine Watchmaking

Participate in this open-to-all introductory masterclass to the art of watchmaking and the fascinating culture around it.

Rooted Odyssey
A Farm-To-Table Experience

Experience the simple pleasures of nature, and relish a wholesome meal at an organic urban farm, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Confessions Of A Chocolatier
Chocolate Making & Tasting

Indulge in the world of premium couverture chocolates - the real deal - and get hands on with the basics of artisanal chocolate making!

Renaissance Of Heirloom Crafts
Traditional Block Printing

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the age-old craft of hand block printing, and get creative with blocks, dyes and patterns!

The Art of Kombucha Making
Kombucha Making

Learn the nuances of brewing a world-class Kombucha tea at home, and learn what makes this trendy brew special.

A Day At Fratelli Vineyards
Wine Making & Tasting

Soak in the goodness of a gorgeous vineyard estate, and understand the art of wine making.

The Art of Sushi Making
Learn To Roll A Sushi To Perfection

The Indian palette has warmed itself to fine Japanese cuisine, and there is a lot to be explored with flavours, techniques and culture.

The Healing Power of Forests
A Forest Bathing Experience

An experience that takes you into the forest to find your soul, Shinrin-yoku, or the Japanese art of Forest Bathing helps set you on the path of inner peace.


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