Journey Through The Malts

Journey Through The Malts

A Global Whiskey Tasting Trail




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About The Experience

Go on a guided whiskey trail, and understand what makes the tipple tick for people across the globe.

An introduction to whiskey-tasting, this trail takes you on a journey of tasting, savouring, and learning the nuances of whiskies from around the world, and what makes them special. Join a master mixologist in decoding the mystery behind the classic alcohol preference, and learn what works best with it.

Cost: ₹4,000 for 1 participant

Conducted By: Suyash Pande

Location: Pune

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Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes cost of all the ingredients you need for the tasting, including bar nibbles.
  • The experience will be conducted by the passionate master mixologist, Suyash Pande.
  • Registrations close one week prior to the date of the experience.
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Key Takeaways
  • Taste 5 types of whiskies from different regions (Japan, Scotland, Ireland, USA, India) under the guidance of an expert mixologist
  • Understand and appreciate the nuances, styles and rituals around the drink, preferred by many
  • Hear various interesting stories and anecdotes in the spirit of the ocassion
About The Host

Suyash Pande is a master mixologist, having been a key contributor to some of the biggest and best hotels and restaurants across India and overseas. He specialises in crafting curated drinks and bar menus. Working at the bar with alcohol is a passion for him, a dream which he is living to the fullest. His love for mixology and overall bar culture, filled with interesting stories and anecdotes is evident during this insightful whiskey trail.

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