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Delve into the fascinating world of scent and perfumery and follow your nose through a library of fragrances to formulate your own unique perfume.

This experience will help you develop a discerning sense of smell, understand the nuances of perfumery as a science and art, as well as how fragrances passively contribute to our overall experiences to create a lasting memory.

Cost: ₹4,000 for 2 participants

Conducted By: Isak Fragrances

Location: Live on Zoom

Experience Hamper: 12 fragrance bases, solvent base, fragrance strips, 2 beakers, 2 droppers, 2 fragrance spray bottles, coffee beans.

Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for two participants (on a single screen). 
  • Ticket price includes home delivery of an Experience Hamper, which will consist of all the ingredients you need to concoct your own unique fragrance. The virtual experience will be conducted by the passionate team at Isak Fragrances.
  • Registrations close one week prior to the date of the experience.
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Key Takeaways
  • Understand the basics of perfumery and its origin in India
  • Learn to select, measure and compose fragrances
  • Create your own signature fragrance
  • Get your own, the ultimate 'Lab in a Box' experience home-delivered a few days prior to the experience
  • Develop a keener sense of smell
About The Host

Vidushi Vijayvergiya, our host for the Perfume Making experience is a 6th gen perfumer belonging to the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. Isak Fragrances is an artisanal fragrance house dedicated to the creation of unrivalled niche Indian fragrances of rare notes and blends, backed with the family experience of over 160 years. Vidushi introduces you to her craft with a warmth, not too different from the feeling of being engulfed in the olfactory delight of your favourite fragrance.


The Coveted Hamper

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