Soirée With The Classics

Soirée With The Classics

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Go on a virtual tasting trail with an ardent Wine Geek, and a selection of exquisite wines and cheeses.

Savour some fine wine, learn about wine and cheese pairings - all in an unpretentious environment. This experience will help you appreciate quality wine, learn about the origins and making of different types of wines and understand the nuances behind which food types go with which types of wine.

Cost: ₹7,000 for 2 participants

Conducted By: Magic Cellars

Location: Live on Zoom

Experience Hamper: 3 different types of wines, 3 different types of cheeses

Registration Details
  •  One ticket is valid for 2 participants (on a single screen).
  • Ticket price includes home delivery of an Experience Hamper for two, which will consist of everything you need to participate in the tasting.
  • The virtual experience will be conducted by the passionate founder of Magic Cellars, Gargi Kothari.
  • Registrations close one week prior to the date of the experience.
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Key Takeaways
  • Learn to discern and appreciate premium wines.
  • Taste and learn about wine and cheese pairings.
  • Get a selection of exquisite wines and cheeses home-delivered to you prior to the experience.
  • Learn all about the origins of wine-making, what makes a fine wine and the best ways to savor one.
About The Host

Gargi Kothari, the founder of Magic Cellars, is a self-proclaimed wine geek. Through Magic Cellars, she has been sharing her passion, knowledge and experiences around wine with people across the globe.

Gargi helps people explore the subject in a casual setting, without any frills and pretense, just good wine!

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