Polar Plunge

Introduction to Ice Bath Immersion
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Cold plunges have a rich history, dating back to ancient civilisations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where it was revered for its healing properties. Today, this practice is globally recognised for its numerous therapeutic and wellness benefits.

A cold plunge, also known as an ice bath, involves immersing the body in cold water, typically at temperatures between 5-7°C, for a brief period. It is widely used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to aid recovery and enhance physical and mental health.

This immersive experience helps you take the plunge through a series of activities, guided by an expert.

What Will You Get
  • Discover the secrets and benefits of a therapeutic ice bath, under the guidance of an expert.
  • Activities include a pre-plunge warm up, breathwork exercises to calm the mind and body, ice plunge, and post-plunge relaxation.
  • An insight into potential physical and mental health benefits derived from regular cold plunges under expert guidance.
  • A first step towards resilience-building for oveall optimal health.
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