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Introduction to Acapella Music
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‘A cappella’, meaning "without accompaniment" in Italian, has blossomed from religious chants to a global art form of singing solely with voices.

Over time, the vibrant art form evolved, encompassing everything from barbershop quartets to contemporary pop. Today, acapella groups continue to captivate audiences with their vocal prowess, intricate harmonies, and ability to create complex soundscapes using only their voices.

This experiences introduces you to the basics of Acapella music, including key layers and beatboxing styles, to help create your own medley with the group.

What Will You Get
  • Learn essential vocal warm-up techniques and explore the rich history of Acapella music.
  • Understand the intricate layers of an Acappella song, and learn three key layers in a group setting.
  • Witness our experts demonstrate diverse beatboxing styles and vocal instrument sounds.
  • Collaborate with others to create and perform your own medley/mash-up in an engaging and interactive environment.
Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes cost of materials/equipment required to conduct the experience.
  • Registrations close on the day of the experience - an hour prior to the start time, subject to availability of seats.
  • Cancellations, refunds and transfers, if any, will be as per our Refund Policy.
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About The Host

The Better Halves, Anish and Riya, are a husband and wife duo who bring their love of music and creativity to captivating acapella/beatbox experiences.

Anish, a skilled bassist and vocal powerhouse, co-founded a prominent Mumbai-based acapella band and plays bass for various projects in Mumbai and Pune. He is also a sought-after voice-over artist, solidifying his reputation in the Indian music scene.

Riya, Anish's better half in life and music, has over 12 years of experience in communications, combines her early musical training with her expertise in recycled art and art therapy. Her passion for both music and art adds a unique touch to the experiences.                                                                                                     

Together, The Better Halves create a musical wonderland for participants of all ages. Their experiences are not just about learning acapella or beatboxing; they're about fostering creativity, teamwork, and a love for music. With their combined skills and infectious enthusiasm, The Better Halves ensures that every experience is a journey of exploration and discovery.

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