The Great Beer Quest

Craft Beer Tasting & Appreciation
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For most of us, our earliest drinking stories revolve around beer. The craft beer scene in India has exploded, with beer lovers keen on exploring small batch beers with experimental flavours.

The beer tasting will guide you through different styles of craft beer, helping you understand and appreciate the nuances of small batch beers as against commercial beers. The immersive experience journeys through the finer aspects like the taste, aroma, style, mouthfeel to help elevate your overall experience of drinking craft beer. 

Here's what you'll do:

  • We kick off the beer tasting with a round of introductions.
  • First up, an introduction to craft beers, the fascinating history behind beer brewing and an insight into the brewing process.
  • Next, we start the tasting of 6 different styles of beer under the guidance of our expert to understand and appreciate their brewing and the subtle nuances. Palate cleansers will be served between each round of tasting.
  • We conclude the experience with a fun game, some delectable appetisers and a pint of beer on the house!

Cost: ₹2,000 for 1 participant

Where: Veranda, Bandra, Mumbai

Conducted By: Great State Aleworks

What You'll Get
  • A guided tasting of 6 varieties of craft beer to understand different tastes and beer styles.
  • An exclusive insight into the craft beer brewing process and ingredients that make a good beer.
  • Fascinating stories behind the origins, the making and the popularity of different beer styles.
  • Appetisers and a pint of beer on the house.


Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes the cost of all the alcohol, and any other ingredients and materials required for the tasting experience.
  • The experience will be conducted by the passionate team at Great State Aleworks.
  • Registrations close one day prior to the date of the experience.


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About the Host

Chinmay Soman heads Community at Great State Aleworks, and is the force behind all tasting sessions and experiences at Great State. Great State Aleworks is a Pune-based craft brewery known for their experimental craft beers using local ingredients, seasonal produce, innovative styles and curated experiences around beers.

Chinmay joined the team as an intern in the year 2020, quickly making his way to representing the brand as a Community Manager. From brewing beers, operations, hosting events, liaising with partners, he has played many roles within the company. Now he focuses his energy on educating our guests about beers and beer styles through brewery tours and tasting sessions and building a community of craft beer lovers.

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