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The Great Beer Quest
Craft Beer Tasting & Appreciation

This guided tasting helps you appreciate different beer styles and understand the brewing process of small batch beers

Confessions Of A Chocolatier
Chocolate Making & Tasting

Indulge in the world of premium couverture chocolates - the real deal - and get hands on with the basics of artisanal chocolate making!

Treasures From The Estates
Coffee Brewing & Tasting

Delve into the world of premium Indian Estate Coffees, and learn the nuances of brewing and tasting single-origin brews, including a cold

Oasis Of Scents
Artisanal Perfume Making

Delve into the fascinating world of scent and perfumery and follow your nose through a library of fragrances to formulate your own unique

The Craft of Mixology
Making & Mastering A Fine Cocktail

Discover the world of cocktails and spirits and learn how to balance your own cocktail concoction. The experience will include a quick introduction to different spirits, cocktail making technique.

The Great Indian Gin Trail
Tasting & Decoding The Hottest Gins Of India

The Indian Gin scene has exploded, and we're here for it. This experience takes you on a discovery and appreciation journey of 10 of India's hottest craft gins.

The Backyard Project
A Kitchen Gardening Experience

Down to earth! Become an urban farmer, and turn even the smallest of open spaces in your homes into a sustainable ecosystem.

Wings Of Our Neighbourhood
Birding & Sculpture Making

Grow an appreciation for India's varied avifauna under the guidance of a wildlife artist, and channel your inner artist to make a paper sculpture of a unique local bird.

Soirée With The Classics
Wine & Cheese Tasting

Go on a virtual wine & cheese tasting trail with an ardent Wine Geek.

Mysteries Of The Mind
Secrets Of Magic & Mentalism

Be enthralled by the art, method and madness behind mentalism and magic.

Bombay Sail Dash
A Guide To Working A Sailboat

Participate in this open-to-all crash course in sailing and enjoy an adventurous ride on the tide.

World Whiskey Trail
Journey Through The Malts

Go on a guided whiskey trail, and understand what makes the tipple tick for people across the globe.

Wonders Of Horology
The Art Of Fine Watchmaking

Participate in this introductory masterclass to the art of fine watchmaking and the fascinating culture around it, and learn to look at time from a whole new perspective.

Rooted Odyssey
A Farm-To-Table Experience

Plant and pick your produce, and feast on a 7-course menu at an organic urban farm, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Renaissance Of Heirloom Crafts
Traditional Block Printing

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the age-old craft of hand block printing, and get creative with blocks, dyes and patterns!

The Elixir of Life
Kombucha's Ancient Alchemy

Learn the nuances of brewing a world-class Kombucha tea at home, and learn what makes this trendy brew special.

Gourmet Cookalong
A Community Cooking & Dining Experience

Our community cookalong brings together the two things that lie at the core of a hearty meal - great food and a great bunch of people to cook and share it with.

The Healing Power of Forests
A Forest Bathing Experience

An experience that takes you into the forest to find your soul, Shinrin-yoku, or the Japanese art of Forest Bathing helps set you on the path of inner peace.


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