Confessions Of A Chocoholic

Chocolate Tasting & Appreciation
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Chocolate is an emotion that each one of us is familiar with. But how much do we really know about chocolates?

The chocolate tasting experience will help you engage all your senses into tasting different chocolates, ingredients that contribute to their aromas and flavours and discern pure chocolates from chocolate-flavoured desserts. The immersive experience journeys through the finer aspects of chocolate making to help elevate your overall experience of tasting and appreciating fine chocolates.

Here's what you'll do:

  • Start off the experience with a round of introductions and ice-breakers.
  • First, we discover some essential chocolate basics that help you understand what comprises real chocolates.
  • We start by tasting, touching and smelling a variety of ingredients - the aromas and flavours of which influence the tastes of chocolates from all over the world. 
  • Next - we get to the thoroughly enjoyable and immersive chocolate tasting and appreciation part, where you learn how to taste and appreciate chocolates the correct way.
  • We conclude the experience on an indulgent note, with an open round of questions and answers.

When: Sunday, 26th March, 4-6 PM

Cost: ₹2,500 for 1 participant

Location: Veranda, Bandra, Mumbai

Conducted By: Mandar Bhosale

What You'll Get


  • A guided tasting of 8-10 varieties of chocolates to understand different tastes and nuances.
  • An understanding of the history, making process and composition of chocolates.
  • An immersive experience of savouring and discerning different chocolates and ingredients that contribute to their flavours.
  • A guided chocolate meditation activity.


Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes the cost of all the ingredients and materials required for the tasting experience.
  • The experience will be conducted by Chocolate Expert, Mandar Bhosale.
  • Registrations close on the date of the experience.
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About the Host

Mandar Bhosale is a Professional Chocolate Taster, having written columns on the subject in publications like TOI, and business magazines like Bakery Biz and Bakery Review. He is a man on a mission to transition India from chocolate compounds to pure chocolates. His passion for chocolates will soon take shape in the form of a chocolate experience centre in Maharashtra.

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