The Great Indian Gin Trail
The Great Indian Gin Trail
The Great Indian Gin Trail
The Great Indian Gin Trail
The Great Indian Gin Trail
The Great Indian Gin Trail

The Great Indian Gin Trail

Tasting & Decoding The Hottest Gins Of India
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The Bar, Grand Hyatt Mumbai
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In the last few years, a spirit that was earlier labelled as an old-man's drink has risen the ranks to become the new cool drink. India's once non-existent gin scene has exploded today, and we are here for it.

Expansive flavour profiles, distinct characteristics, interesting combinations - all laced with the most fascinating stories, this experience will help you uncover some brilliantly crafted Indian gins.

This Gin Trail will comprise a guided blind-tasting of the 8 hottest gins of India. We bet most of you will find at least one craft label you've never met before!

What Will You Get
  • A guided blind-tasting of 8 different gins, all crafted in India, under the guidance of an expert sommelier.
  • Fascinating stories behind the origins, the making and the popularity of gins in India to help you decode the brilliantly crafted spirit.
  • Understand and appreciate the nuances, styles and rituals around the spirit.
  • The possibility of discovering your new favourite brand of Indian-made gin.


Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes the cost of all the spirits for the guided gin-tasting, including bar nibbles.
  • Registrations close on the day of the experience - an hour prior to the start time, subject to availability of seats.
  • Cancellations, refunds and transfers, if any, will be considered on a case-to-case basis.


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About The Host

Gagan Sharma, a certified sommelier, writer and educator is the founder of Indulge India, a wine and beverage school that also offers unique experiences around spirits to consumers like you and us. Gagan's professional experience spans a decade, and he has several prestigious international recognitions under his belt. Gagan has lent his expertise to several renowned hospitality brands and F&B chains. Through his journey, he has collected interesting anecdotes worth a lifetime to share.

Quite a 'spirited' person, Gagan is also an avid traveller, reader, writer, en route to becoming a professional mountaineer and paragliding pilot.

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