The Art of Shibori

An Introduction to Japanese Tie Dye
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Nativ, Baner, Pune

An ancient Japanese textile art form, Shibori embodies both  craftsmanship and creative expression. Rooted in centuries of tradition, Shibori is more than just a technique; it is a philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfection and the harmony between nature and human touch. This makes each outcome raw and different from one another.

This experience is an appreciation of the art of slowing down, of modern-day sensibilities still being relevant through age-old techniques, and of finding beauty and inspiration in all things that surround us.

The experience includes trying your hand at 3 different Shibori techniques to create your own customised design on a piece of fabric, under the guidance of an expert.

What Will You Get


  • An immersive and interactive Shibori tie & dye experience under the guidance of an expert.
  • An understanding of the history of the Japanese art of Shibori and the different techniques.
  • The chance to create and take home your own Shibori dyed fabric.
  • Learning to appreciate the ancient craft using materials and natural ingredients found at home.


Registration Details
  • One ticket is valid for one participant.
  • Ticket price includes cost of all the ingredients you need to create your own Shibori dyed fabric.
  • Registrations close on the day of the experience - an hour prior to the start time, subject to availability of seats.
  • Cancellations, refunds and transfers, if any, will be as per our Refund Policy.


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About The Host

Heta Davey is a textile designer, having graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in India. Heta is the founder of a sustainable, conscious clothing label called Basal Studio, where she combines her passion for textiles and love for nature to create bespoke handcrafted pieces. 

Through her craft, she aims to share the magic of natural colours and fabrics, and handmade pieces that bear their own imperfections, to ultimately guide us all back to our roots.

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